Do what you think’s right,

and you will feel alright

‘Cuz when you’re bad

you will feel sad

That’s the religion I live by

– ‘Alleged Legends’ by The Streets


Exactly what they wanted. (And free!)

“It’s exactly what they want,” you say. You’re critical. You’ve heard it before. But, just maybe. Well, here’s the thing — it’s not only the real thing, it’s maybe the best thing ever. Here’s why this Valentine’s download is perfection: 1. These cards get them what they want. All you have to do is abide. […]

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The new new

Screw perfection by WRDBNR | Suck less also by WRDBNR // I’m a fan, k? Consider this my do-over. My reset. My have-you-tried-turning-it-off-then-turning-it-on-again. My 3-wrongs-make-a-right. It’s a new day. Now let’s┬ámove along.

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