Here’s a thing that’s easy to forget: you rule.

You give all the go-aheads and get all the last words.

So do what you want & surround yourself with awesome, always.


(why is something so simple so damn hard to remember?)




GET OUT.jpgLive by your own laws.
Be kind to your people.
Stand for something.
Bow to no one.

Now gimmie the goods

We’re working hard to create goods that start conversations. Tell jokes. Are sassy, but smart about it. And look damn no matter where you take them. You know, the kind of goods you wanna invite in.

But there’s a legit King behind all this, yeah?

Absolutely. The king behind Said the King is Karen King. And I’m  just doing my darnedest to choose awesome, always.



Image credits: 1st image by Nesrin Danan (@blackprints); 2nd & 4th images by Dani Kreeft (@danipress); 3rd image by Yuli Scheidt of Fat Girl Food Squad





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