On ending a bad day less badly

You got up, stepped up, and struck out. All day. All. Day.

Yep, total fail. But before you write off the day entirely, here’s 3 ways to salvage your day and go from bad to a solid meh.

  1. Pull up your to-do list, find the smallest task, do it, mark it done.  Now you can honestly say ‘at least the whole day didn’t go to shit’. Tip: add a task, do it, cross it off. It’s not cheating, it’s momentum.
  2. Go to your go-to lol’s. Whether it’s watching a section of the Tom Segura / Bill Burr Netflix special you’ve seen 5 times or some old-as-dirt YouTube gems, take 20 minutes and soak it all in. For a solid couple of years Ellen and the Hawaii chair just ruined me.
  3. Kick back and think of something you’re damn lucky to have. Is it a person? A tiki cup? A work arrangement? Your awesome pad? You’re doing something right. Appreciate that thing.


Today was still a throw-away, but whateves, right?

At least you can end it on a positive note so you don’t wake up in a funk.

Then jump up and have at it again tomorrow.


said the king

founder and head king of 'said the king'

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