Steppin’ up: bookshelf + ladder


Or at least it’s the bookshelf I’ve always wanted. The sight of someone casually perched on ladder that rolls along a track in front of floor to ceiling bookshelves has always stirred something raw inside me; an savage need for them in my life. They seem so right, but ok implausible, but also something I downright deserve, damnit.

Gawd, they would be glorious. As an answer to that need, my partner and I designed the Higher Ground bookshelf — and so it became the first product in the Said the King line.welcome home

opening higher ground

higher ground front view





Higher ground, said the king

Just tall enough to make the top shelf a stretch, this bookcase features a ladder that pulls out to reveal 3 steps.

While closed, ladder sits flush and rungs align seamlessly with lower shelves. Generous handholds and custom sliding brackets make the ladder easy to open and close, while felt under the feet protect your floor. Use for storage, climbing, and keeping watch.

Oil finished. Available in reclaimed hickory (pictured), ash, oak, maple, & black walnut. For other wood types, send us an email and we’ll see what we can do.

closed: H 8ft X W 2ft X D 15in
open: H 8ft X W 2ft X 3ft

said the king

founder and head king of 'said the king'

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