glitch tilt

data, in knit form

I’ve noticed a few instances of knitted data, so I collected up 3 examples to share:

Knit Morse code

(via CBC’s Spark, episode 172)

Knit Morse code is exactly what it sounds like. Kristen Haring explains that knitting only as 2 ways to loop yarn into a new knot: a knit stitch or a purl stitch. She’s translated these stitches into the on and off states of Morse code, which she has knit into several objects that she discusses during her talk, how to knit a popular history of media.

Haring SOS sweater

Haring’s SOS sweater

live knit scroll

This live knit scrolls gives decoders a short lesson on how the important the early modern Jesuits were in spreading scientific knowledge internationally

Glitch textiles

(via junk culture)

Glitch textiles is part of the year of the glitch by Philip Stearns. In his words:

These blankets are layered with irony: a digital photographic image, made with an intentionally broken (rewired) camera, is mechanically woven or knit into a photoblanket, an object commonly advertised as a kitsch memento. In this project, a keepsake for cherishing one’s memories now becomes a platform for fashioning corrupted memory, the cold logic of digital systems into soft, warm blankets.

glitch textiles

glitch tilt

glitch close

News knitter

(via design boom)

News Knitter goes back a few years to 2007, but it’s still pretty cool and on topic. News knitter lets you capture a live stream of data for a defined period of time and then turns that into a pattern and knits it into a sweater. You can even order your own.

news knit full line

news knit feed

news knit lines


In their words:

The production of knitted garments is a highly complex process which involves computer support at various steps starting with the designs of both the fabric and the shape of garments until they are ready-to-wear.

The system consists of two different types of software: whereas one receives the content from live feeds the other converts it into visual patterns, and a fully computerized flat knitting machine produces the final output. Each product, sweater of News Knitter is an evidence/result of a specific day or period.

news knit machine

news knit in process

Here’s another fun fact: If my new-found understanding is correct, the 2nd and 3rd examples above belong to the new aesthetic — one of those things you’ve likely noticed but never knew there was a term for.

Here’s a few lines on the new aesthetic from an essay by Bruce Sterling:

The New Aesthetic concerns itself with “an eruption of the digital into the physical.”

The “New Aesthetic” is a native product of modern network culture. It’s from London, but it was born digital, on the Internet. The New Aesthetic is a “theory object” and a “shareable concept.”

The New Aesthetic is constructive. Most New Aesthetic icons carry a subtext about getting excited and making something similar. The New Aesthetic doesn’t look, act, or feel postmodern. It’s not deconstructively analytical of a bourgeois order that’s been dead quite a while now. It’s built by and for working creatives.

Have you seen any other instances of knit information?

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