higher ground, said the king.

Higher ground, said the king.

good for climbing

opening higher ground

shelf face


shelf detail

Just tall enough to make the top shelf a stretch, this bookcase features a ladder that pulls out to reveal 3 steps.

While closed, ladder sits flush and rungs align seamlessly with lower shelves. Generous handholds and custom sliding brackets make the ladder easy to open and close, while felt under the feet protect your floor. Use for storage, climbing, and keeping watch.


get yours on ideacious

Update! Feb 7, 2012 – only 3 preorders left!

after they sell, you won’t earn a % of this shelf’s future sales.

the first person to order earned the highest % the shelf’s future revenue: $5,568 per 100 units.

The next earns the second most, and so on down the line. We’re almost there!

find out more about preorders

and while you’re at it, read up on ideacious

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