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Spread the love. And sales. Meet Fitzy.

Meet Robin of Fitzy Design.

Fitzy makes modern leather goods with a clean, modern design that, honest to goodness, will improve your life. Oh, and she’s having a sale (!!).

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Exactly what they wanted. (And free!)

“It’s exactly what they want,” you say. You’re critical. You’ve heard it before. But, just maybe.
Well, here’s the thing — it’s not only the real thing, it’s maybe the best thing ever.

Here’s why this Valentine’s download is perfection:
1. These cards get them what they want. All you have to do is abide.
2. It’s free. And that’s the best price you’ve ever not paid.
3. It’s instant. Don’t feel like shopping? Print it. Left it to the last second? Download it + send it over; nothing says ‘you’re the one for me’ like email.

It’s what vday dreams are made of.

Behold, in its single-sheet glory.

Or a PDF to print.


michelle 155

GirrlScout tho

This one.

At this point, it would actually be harder to not find a Said the King page with her on it. The reasons for which are pretty self-explanatory — but I’ll share a few any how.

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The new zero

Screw perfection by WRDBNR | Suck less also by WRDBNR // I’m a fan, k?

Consider this my do-over. My reset. My have-you-tried-turning-it-off-then-turning-it-on-again. My 3-wrongs-make-a-right.
It’s a new day. Now let’s get out there and get that new blog.

Steppin’ up: the bookshelf with ladder you’ve always secretly wanted


Or at least it’s the bookshelf I’ve always wanted. The sight of someone casually perched on ladder that rolls along a track in front of floor to ceiling bookshelves has always stirred something raw inside me; an savage need for them in my life. They seem so right, but ok implausible, but also something I downright deserve, damnit.

Gawd, they would be glorious. As an answer to that need, my partner and I designed the Higher Ground bookshelf — and so it became the first product in the Said the King line. Read More

wrapping foreword shelves

Handy handling makes for light work

A lot goes into each and every Foreword shelf – even adding the wrap is a labour of love.

lovely wood

Which wood you choose

Sustainable black walnut vs sustainable oak?

It’s not even a matter of which wood I wood choose, it’s which wood wood choose me. I think.

shades of brown stain

testing testing

testing testing prints

Testing out the perfect shade of stain to print the back print of our Foreward shelves.

printing foreward shelves

Printing Foreword backs

Printing a big batch of Foreword shelves: “Made in accordance to the King’s specifications”

drying foreward shelves

last supper TX17jan07

Last supper plates

For the last 5 years Julie Green has been painting last supper requests on porcelain plates. According to NPR, where I found this gem:

[last meals are] capped at $20, and ingredients [are] limited to those available in a prison’s humble pantry. That’s the “choice” presented to most of the 3,000-plus prisoners currently on death row in the United States. Except in Texas, which leads the nation in executions. The Longhorn State (which never allowed steak, only hamburger) abolished special final meals in September after an inmate declined to eat what was considered too grandiose a request.

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rise and shine

Up and at’em!

Rise and Shine by Terry Fan on Society6

Morning, Monday! I didn’t expect to see you so soon.

As a kid, and even now, a lot of morning phrases made me cringe, like:

“Rise and shine!”

“Up and at’em!”

“Time to get up!”

Ok. Let me also add that I had a pull-down blinds and these cheery phrases were also simultaneously accompanied by a sharp tug of the blind and then a malicious blast of sunlight.

If, on the other hand, these phrases had been accompanied by a smiling pan of bacon and eggs, well, that might be different. ;)


Foreword hit its preorder goal

If you preordered, you’ve heard the news already – Foreword hit its preorder goal! Thanks so much to everyone for your support to get this shelf into production. Not only do you rock you’ll be earning money on every sale, starting from the second run onwards, for the next 10 years.


And to give you an update on your order, we’re just printing up the last of the packaging now and they will be shipping shortly. Thanks again and enjoy your shelf!

hemp X2

chairs you want by your side, part 2: sometimes

Yesterday I shared part 1 of my chair list: allthetime chairs. Today is part 2: sometimes chairs. We bought  our lovely and expandable teak table set awhile ago but haven’t been able to invite more than 2 people at a time for dinner for lack of dining chairs. But as you’ll see, I’ve been looking.

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sway lay

chairs you want by your side, part 1: allthetime

One must always harbour a lust list of chairs that you either don’t have room for, can’t afford, or don’t actually exist beyond the prototype. Here’s part 1 of where my list begins.

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